the Best Slang Words of 2013

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Band(s): thousands of dollars (each “band” is $1,000)

Example: “I can’t believe you only had to spend 3 bands to get this car!”

Cake: a voluptuous buttocks (although this is the meaning of other recently popular slang terms as well)

Example:”Make sure to do your squats if you want a little more cake back there.”

Canadian Tuxedo: an outfit with both a denim top and denim bottoms

Example:”Did you see that pic of J-Timb and Britney in those Canadian Tuxedos?”

Cray / Cray Cray: crazy

Example: “That trick was cray cray!”

(a) Fatty: a large buttocks

Example: “I am getting a fatty back here. I love it!”

Get your Bread Up: to make money

Example: “I gotta figure out how to get my bread up.”

Gucci: another way to say cool, tight, awesome, etc.

Example: “Did you see Carlos’s new kicks? So Gucci.”

Hench: very strong, buff, muscular

Example: “Lookin’ hench my friend!”

Kush: very high quality marijuana

Example: “Kush is supposed to be the most expensive weed you can buy right now.”

Man Steak: a very attractive, muscular man

Example: “Channing Tatum is such a man steak”

Molly: very high quality ecstacy

Example: “I don’t pop molly, I rock Tom Ford”

Netflix Adultery: see Netflix Cheating

Netflix Cheating: deceptively watching additional episodes of a TV series without telling your partner

Example: “I feel so guilty. I Netflix cheated on Ashley in Vegas this weekend.”

OOTD: Outfit of the Day

Example: “Ladies, please send over your OOTD photos ASAP.”

Poppin’ Bands: spending large amounts of money (thousands of dollars)

Example: “Did you get a raise? You have been poppin’ bands tonight.”

Poppin’ Tags: To go shopping

Example: “I just got paid. Let’s pop some tags!”

Ratchet: Someone or something that is ugly, gross, annoying, unappealing, broken, etc.

Example: “Man my car is so ratchet. I need a new one!”

Selfie: a picture of oneself

Example: “Can you take a picture of me? This sefie just isn’t working out.”

the Ceiling Can’t Hold Us: Nothing can hold us down. Similar to the term “Raise the Roof”.

Example: “I just got paid. Let’s pop some tags!”

Throw Shade: To subtly gossip, talk trash, or say negative things about someone or something

Example: “Did you see that video of Mariah Carey talking shade on Nick Minaj?”

Throwed (Tho’d): To be intoxicated, drunk, high, etc.

Example: “Why does he have to get tho’d all the time. It’s not healthy.”

Twerk: To shake one’s buttocks and legs, usually in a squatting position

Example: “Did you see the Miley Cyrus Twerk fest on the VMAs last night?”

YOLO: You Only Live Once

Example: “Don’t be scared man, YOLO!”

143: I love you

Example: “I miss you. 143 so much!”

1432: I love you too


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